Micro Merchant Order

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What's in the kit?

  • 2x Verge NFC Point of Sale Stickers
  • 2x 'Verge Accepted Here' Entry Stickers
  • 1x 'Verge Accepted Here' Removable Window Cling
  • 2x Verge Stickers
  • 2x Transparent Verge Stickers
  • NFC Sticker Re-coding Instructions
  • Complimentary Verge Keyring
USD $ (~ XVG)
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NFC Sticker Details

At a minimum, the NFC Stickers require your wallet address, but they can also pre-populate your customer's memo field (with your business name for example), the desired transaction currency and even the amount - if you wanted to use a different NFC Tag for each of your products / services!

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