Micro Merchant

Micro Merchant is the name we have given our self-managed merchant solution.

In its simplest form, this solution allows in-store customers to transfer Verge Currency directly from their mobile wallet to you, with just a few taps of their finger - thanks to NFC technology.

What happens afterwards, is up to you - spend your newly earnt Verge directly with another vendor, or transfer it via one of our payment processing partners, or possibly an exchange. It's your call.

Tap to Pay NFC Sticker The magical component in our Micro Merchant kit is the Verge NFC Sticker - pre coded with your Wallet Address, Default Currency and Business Name, it pre-populates the customer's Verge App with your details when tapped at your POS.

Then all your customer needs to do is enter the sale amount, and tap send!

As well as your point-of-sale NFC Stickers and recoding instructions, we also include some promotional Verge stickers to raise awareness to your customers that you accept Verge!

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What's in the kit?

  • 2x Verge NFC Point of Sale Stickers
  • 2x 'Verge Accepted Here' Entry Stickers
  • 1x 'Verge Accepted Here' Removable Window Cling
  • 2x Verge Stickers
  • 2x Transparent Verge Stickers
  • NFC Sticker Re-coding Instructions
  • Complimentary Verge Keyring
  • Our eternal thanks for using something we've worked really hard on
  • * Additional quantities can also be ordered

How much is it?

The XVG equivalent of US$24.00 (incl postage) at time of purchase.

(Cost is calculated based on manufacturing cost of stickers and tags, plus postage.)

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